The Journey ...

The story, the song , the message of love and connection, has been a part of humanity since known existence.
This, most awesome gift, the gift of music, the  gift of healing through sounds , the gift of speaking without words, is why you and I are here together right now. 
The potential within us all, to live a life of freely given and experienced love, is the inspiration for many artists throughout history, and will be for many more. This message of peace, this message of compassion and grace, is one that I believe is worthy of repeating for as many lifetimes as are given.

The call has gone out, the people are seeking substance, truth, realtalk and above all, connection. 

An underground movement of like minded free spirits has risen and is continuing to grow around the world.
We don't need the television, we don't need the radio, we just need ourselves to support each other from our local community right through to our global community.
We have now been all connected through the internet, we can organise, we can build, we can create. We can do anything we put our collective minds and hearts into.

Together we can all leave this world, this beautiful Mother Earth, in a better condition than when we found it.
We can hold the door for the person coming with bags in their hands, we can talk to our neighbours that we haven't even met. We can turn off the tv and talk to each other about our dreams, our wins, our losses, our funniest stories.

The point is, we can do anything together.
We can change culture, change thinking habits, change our lives for the better , as well as those around us.

If I can change, and you can change, then maybe we can all change...

Thank you for stopping by and being a part of the solution for a better world,

Smile wide , hug tight!


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